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Mehiläinen endeavours to maintain the privacy protection of its customers’ case records by employing strict operating procedures and data-protected clinic software.

Case records are stored in an electronic database, access to which is allowed only for authorized health care professionals and even then only when it is necessary for patient care reasons.

An electronic database offers better protection against unauthorized access than a traditional paper one. An electronic system guarantees, in all respects, much better privacy protection than the earlier paper file system.

The retrievability and integrity of data are also key elements in privacy protection. To ensure a high degree of retrievability and ease of access, we have doubled all the essential IT equipment where such data is stored and managed. To prevent data loss, backup copies of all files are created every night on magnetic tapes, which are stored in fireproof facilities, away from the data system.

As far as data protection is concerned, we always abide by the instructions provided by the office of the Data Protection Ombudsman. We also endeavour to use such technological solutions in our data protection system that guarantee the patient the best possible and cost-effective medical care in Mehiläinen.