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Our service is in accordance with the customer and legislation requirements of the ISO 9001 quality standard. As a token of this, Mehiläinen’s operations were certified to this standard by Inspecta in May 2005.

This quality certificate is a recognition of the successful and sustained development work we have engaged in. In their final report the certification auditors described Mehiläinen’s services as follows: ’Quality work and the principle of continuous improvement are in a key position in Mehiläinen. The development work has been systematic and the personnel is committed to the work. The work atmosphere is positive and the employees clearly take pride in their job and being part of Mehiläinen.’ What received special recognition was the quality work performed systematically during the last few years. Apart from the fact that the employees’ views are increasingly taken into account, it has also brought a new level of goal-directedness and transparency to company leadership. All Mehiläinen operations, including all facilities and group services with their management systems, are now certified to the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate.

In June 2010 Mehiläinen Oy was also awarded the ISO 14001 Environmental Management certificate to attest that our operations comply with the requirements of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard. Mehiläinen takes responsibility for the environmental impact of its operations by incorporating environmental aspects in its strategic business planning and responsible procurement policy, as well as by setting up work processes and operating models with a view to minimising the load on the environment. The environmental viewpoint has been made a fixed part of Mehiläinen’s daily management and everyday activities. To Mehiläinen’s customers, the new Environmental Management certificate is a manifestation of the fact that Mehiläinen’s services are based on activities which are environmentally responsible and support sustainable development.

Mehiläinen quality policy

The quality of Mehiläinen’s services and products is constantly developed in line with the principle of continuous improvement. Our company system is based on anticipation and self-directedness, with due consideration to customer and legislative requirements. The system is representative of Mehiläinen’s operating principles. Every member of the Mehiläinen team is charged with producing high-quality results.

Mehiläinen’s quality objectives are :

  • to fulfil the customers’ expectations, needs and requirements
  • to increase work satisfaction and safety
  • to create a shared way of doing things
  • to operate cost-effectively
  • to increase competitiveness

Mehiläinen Environmental Policy

The underlying principle of Mehiläinen’s environmental policy is the attempt in all our operations to identify and prevent any harmful effects on the environment and thereby to promote the principles of sustainable development. Our values are the basis for our environmental policy; environmental issues are part of Mehiläinen’s operations and management system. We comply with valid environmental legislation and regulations. All Mehiläinen employees are committed to environmentally responsible operations.

At Mehiläinen we aim at developing our operations so as to minimise the amount of waste disposed and the amount of paper and energy used. We take the environmental impact of our business into consideration in strategic planning, we have a responsible procurement policy, and we set up our processes and operating methods with a view to minimising the load on the environment. We support environmental accountability at the level of individuals by providing Mehiläinen employees with information, training and tools for fostering the environment.

The environmental impact of our operations and the realisation of our environmental objectives are monitored regularly in connection with management reviews and utilising both internal and external audits.